Extra Thick Shoe Insoles: Cushion Support and Volume Filling

thick shoe insoles

Thick Shoe Insoles


One of our top ten requests for foot pain relief (or even big shoes) is for extra thick shoe insoles.  While it maybe a misconception that a big cushioned insole maybe better than an orthotic arch support, there is something to be said for thick cushioning when dealing with superior weight and shock absorption.  For those who stand on their feet all day (at work or play), deal with bruised feet or foot pain, or simply need to fill some additional space in their shoes, extra thick insoles often are the solution.

If your seeking the thickest of  cushioned insoles, we offer a few styles in both pure cushion insoles and orthotic arch support styles.

For extra thick cushioned insoles check out:

For those seeking extra thick insoles with orthotic arch support (in addition to superior cushioning) check out:

Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Insoles

Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Insoles

Know we have one other request when a customer call in and it’s not for extra foot-pain relief with cushioning in mind.  The question is do you have insoles to fill space in my shoes.

Taking up volume in a shoe isnt’ always easy or precise -yet we offer a varying range of insoles to assist in taking up that extra space in a shoe presented in a thinnest to thickest below:


After research, one discovers that there is an insole for any need.  Let The Insole Store.com assist in finding the best thick insoles for your feet!