Do You Know What Birkinstock is Up To With Their New Birkinstock Insoles?

Birkenstock insoles

Birkenstock insoles


When you think of Birkenstock insoles, what do you think of? Maybe you associate the name Birkenstock with the Birkenstock sandals that a lot of people loved in the 1980s because they were comfortable. Back then, brave people stepped out of the box of what type of shoes society thought they should wear and into the “My feet will be happy no matter what!” mode.


You may not know this but the Birkenstock family started creating footwear back in the early 1900s!


Birkenstock makes more than just their sandals; they now make some pretty incredible insoles. They’re incredible because they can help increase your foot comfort and offer some pain relief if you suffer from shin splints, plantar fascitis, Achilles tendon issues, and if your feet fall inward when you walk or it feels that you’re walking on the outer part of your foot.


The Birkenstock insoles line includes these to choose from:


1. Birkenstock BirkoBalance Arch Support Insoles – these are designed for athletic shoes, casual shoes and dress shoes. If you have flat feet, don’t get these. They’re for neutral to high-arched feet. The big feature on these is the raised side flanges that totally control foot movement. If you overpronate your feet or oversupinate them, these are one of the best. There’s a deep heel cup and a cushioned leather liner along with orthotic arch design, too.


2. Birkenstock BirkoSportArch Support Insoles – these are designed for athletic shoes, boots, running shoes, work shoes, hiking boots, and dressshoes. These are the ones for flat feet. You’ll find natural cushioning, shock absorption, orthotic arch design, and raised side flanges to keep your foot going in the right direction.

Birkenstock birkosport

Birkenstock birkosport


3. Birkenstock Blue Footbed WIDE – Casual Arch Support Insoles

When your feet are wide, it helps to have an extra metatarsal pad. These Birkenstock Blue Footbed Wide Insoles are the answer. They of course also have a deep heel cup, arch support and are perfect for flat feet and those with a neutral arch. Expect a hypoallergenic blue silk lined top layer and moleskin bottom in these Birkenstock Blue Footbed Wide Insoles.


4. Birkenstock Blue Footbed Narrow – Casual Arch Suport Insoles

If you have narrow feet, you’re lucky in a way because your Cinderella feet fit into a lot more shoes than someone with a wide foot. These Birkenstock insoles are for those who have a neutral arch or flat feet.


Birkenstock insoles – whether they’re Birkenstock Blue (which feel most like the trademark Birkenstock Sandal) or BirkoBalance are state-of-the-art insoles your feet will only love. Give them a try as soon as possible.