Currex Sole Insoles are Made Exactly For Runners

Before you find out about Currex sole insoles, it’s important to understand the background of the Currex Company. They didn’t name it Currex for no reason at all. Currex can be divided into two words, cur, which means run, and rex, which means king. Put them together and you get the king of running!


 Currex Sole

Currex Sole


Before Currex made the Currex sole insoles, they took their job seriously. They contemplated why there are still runners out there who end up with foot problems and more injuries than what they should be getting. What they ended up doing was creating and patenting a Foot Analysis device that tells runners (and anyone else) what type of arch they have, what type of gait they have and if they are overpronating or oversupinating when they walk. This is very important information you need to know before you ever go to purchase insoles or orthotics from the website,


Currex Sole insoles are called RunPro, and they come in three different types – for low arch, medium arch, and for high arch.


Currex Sole insoles have gel dots built into the insole and are meant to help reduce injury and help reduce endurance problems that long distance runners may feel. As a result, your running performance could be better. And if you’re running, you know how bad you’ll feel if you have to take a month or two off from running, and really, why take a risk of injury?


Currex Sole insoles are ideal for runners because it contains sensor gels under the heel and beneath the big toe. The result is that you can optimize your gait during running.


These Currex sole insoles have extra cushioning under the metatarsals, which is very important for runners continually pounding the pavement.


And once your arch is totally supported, your foot has plenty of energy for propulsion of your next step.


If you’re a runner, don’t spend another day without Currex sole insoles. Your feet were meant for them.