Cinderella Had a High Foot Arch

Who had the prettiest foot in the history of the world? It would be none other than Cinderella herself (even though it’s just a story).


And what type of foot did she have? Everyone would agree that Cinderella’s feet were small. They had a high foot arch. They had no bunions, corns, calluses, and hammer toes. Cinderella feet didn’t have plantar fascitis, heel pain, Morton’s neuroma, and her toenails were neatly trimmed.

High Arch

High Arch


Who could ever forget the scene of slipping a pretty high foot arch foot into the glass slipper that changed her life?


How do you know Cinderella’s feet looked like this? Because these are the accepted criteria for having pretty feet.


A high foot arch photographs better in shoes than a flat foot. In fact, there’s no comparison. Flat feet look like duck feet – and women concerned about their Prince Charming on his way will do anything to change the flat feet look into that of a foot with a high foot arch.


A high foot arch, however, could be associated with a number of neurological disorders. A high foot arch could be natural – although it is much rarer than those who have flat feet or a foot with a medium arch.


A high foot arch when photographed in shoes looks stunning – and it looks stunning on a model walking down the runway who is barefoot. Bare flat feet are something that would not be tolerated on a model runway. It’s the arch that makes the foot look either slender or wide; a high foot arch means the foot looks slender and a flat foot devoid of any arch makes the foot look shapeless.


So if you have a high foot arch, it sounds like you’re in a prime position to make some extra part-time money modeling, right? Well maybe and maybe not. If the high foot arch is too high, you won’t be able to walk. Your feet will hurt too much. If the high foot arch is simply naturally high, then possibly, but your feet may tire easily because of the stress and strain of the muscles and bones to keep the foot in that position.


The answer is to use support with a high foot arch orthotic.

Tyler McCracken - President of The Insole, leading retailer of shoe inserts, inserts, orthotic arch supports, orthotic sandals, and footwear.

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