Children with Sever’s Disease Can Reduce Heel Pain. Here’s How

If your child has Sever’s disease, your child is not alone. In this disorder, you may not realize it, but foot bones that weren’t aligned was the cause. This is according to research cited in the American Podiatric Medical Association in 2011. Sever’s disease didn’t have anything to do with body weight or with activity levels, even though many people may still believe they do.


Sever's disease

Sever's disease


In Sever’s disease, the heel bone – called the calcaneus – has an area on it that is called a growth plate. This is the area of the bone where the growth starts. The disease is found usually right before puberty starts and causes heel pain.


It’s easy to understand how one might think that the cause was a weight problem or a lot of activity because if there’s a misalignment in the bones of the feet, then both these will aggravate the pain from the misalignment.


So what do you do when your child has Sever’s disease? The answer is to do what you can to insure that your child’s foot bones are aligned correctly. This may start with a podiatrist visit but then next lead to getting orthotics for your child.  For additional information, check out our article:  Your Children’s Feet are Susceptible to Sever’s Disease.


One of the orthotics on the market that is used by podiatrists for Sever’s disease is the Powerstep PowerKids Pediatric Orthotic Arch Supports. These orthotics provide a deep heel cup that keeps the heel stable while walking, giving it no opportunity to roam into mis-alignment. It’s 3 / 4 length, not full length, so there’s plenty of room for your little one to wiggle his toes in his shoes.


The Powerstep PowerKids Pediatric Orthotic Arch Supports can easily be worn in athletic shoes, including those with Velcro straps instead of laces. The arch support keeps the midfoot and forefoot lined up when your child walks.


Often children don’t wash all the dirt off their feet and their feet can get stinky, but in the Powerstep PowerKids Pediatric Orthotic Arch Supports, the fabric is antimicrobial. This makes it easier for your child to not be bothered with smelly feet. The fabric also reduces friction which reduces the chance to get blisters.

powerstep powerkids pediatric orthotic Arch Support

powerstep powerkids pediatric orthotic Arch Support


Take some action today and get a pair of PowerStep PowerKids Pediatric Orthotic Arch Supports for your child with Sever’s disease. You will be glad you did.


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