Children with Sever’s Disease Can Reduce Heel Pain. Here’s How

What is Sever’s Disease? What can you do about it?


According to Sever’s Disease or Calcaneal Apophysitis is a bone condition that is product of inflammation of the growth plate in the heel of the foot that typically occurs between 8 and 14 years old. The pain of Sever’s Disease stems from the heel bone growing faster the the muscles and tendons around it causing them to be less flexible and put extra pressure on the growth plate in the foot.


Sever's Disease

Sever’s Disease

So what you can you do? After a visit to the podiatrist a doctor may recommend that your child begin wearing corrective orthotics to provide more support and comport to the heel area. One particular orthotics used by podiatrists for Sever’s disease is the Powerstep PowerKids Pediatric Orthotic Arch Supports.


This specific orthotic has a deep heel cup to keep to the heel stable while walking allowing it no opportunity to roam into miss-alignment. Its ¾ design leaves plenty of room for your little one to comfortably wiggle their toes and wear their favorite athletic shoes. The built in arch support keeps the midfoot and forefoot lined up as your child walks. Powerstep PowerKids Pediatric Orthotic Arch Supports also contain antimicrobial material so you don’t have to worry about potential odors.

Act today and purchase your pair of PowerStep PowerKids Pediatric Orthotic Arch Supports for your child with Sever’s disease. You will be glad you did!

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