Why These Over Pronation Insoles are Really The Best On The Market

One of the very best constructed pair of over pronation insoles I’ve seen yet are Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Casual Arch Support Insoles.  You can tell by looking at them that no matter what you do, your foot is not going to over pronate.   When it comes to the foot and how it works bio-mechanically, the term “pronation” is used a lot. As soon as you take a step forward with your heel onto the ground, your foot pronates – or turns inward – but just a little bit. This is normal for the foot.   However, when people have foot issues such as low arches (flat feet) or plantar fasciitis, what happens is that the bones of the foot that are supposed to form an arch collapse. A consequence of the collapse is that the foot splays out, kind of looking like a duck’s webbed feet, and the foot turns inward even more. It’s like you’re walking on the medial part of your feet.     Since every part of the body is connected, the over pronation will first affect your foot, then your ankle, then your knee, and next your hip. Your back and neck may also be affected.   The more your foot is allowed to splay out and the more of the bottom of your foot that touches the ground, the greater the likelihood you will end up with foot problems. It’s simply a matter of physics.   The answer is to put the foot back in alignment where it should be, and prevent the splaying out of the foot and the medial rotation. In short, if you had your arch back in the normal position, the over pronation wouldn't happen. You need an arch support for this, and in fact, you need over pronation insoles that have an adequate arch support to keep your arch pumped up to the right height so it won’t fall.   The Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual Arch Support Insoles fit the bill well. Not only do they have an orthotic arch design that reduces foot fatigue and absorbs shock, but these insoles have moderate flanges. These are raised side flanges that aid in controlling foot movement and stability.   Flanges are similar to rides at the carnival that look like little saucer cars. The saucer cars can go forward, backward and to the left and right. You step into the saucer car and sit down on the seat. Now what if another saucer car smacks you from the side? You’d fall out of the saucer car, right?   But if that saucer car had a door on the sides to protect you, and the sides were raised, then you could stay inside the saucer car at all times, no matter what happened to throw you off course.   It’s the same thing with the over pronation insoles from Birkenstock called Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual Arch Support Insoles. The raised flanges prevent your foot from spilling over to the inside, resulting in over pronation.   Very few other brands have these. And that’s why the Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Casual Arch Support Insoles get my total vote for best over pronation insoles.
Best Shoe Insole Company Around: The Insole Store.com!!!
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Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles: What They Are All About

  In the Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles, the DMP stands for Dynamic Molding Process. This is a type of process that makes the insoles heat moldable without the use of an oven. The insoles have three layers of foam that conform to your feet down to the nth degree. All you have to do is start walking on this insole and the foot conforming will begin. The heat of your body is enough to start molding the insole. Over time, you’ll notice it looks just like your foot.   This DMP comes in handy for those who are golfing, walking, doing some light hiking and even for those who spend time as ski bunnies and snowboarders. The top coat layer of the Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles is responsible for keeping your feet odor free. It’s treated with Agion antimicrobial technology.   These DMP Premium Insoles may be trimmed to fit. How many times have you purchased an insole and it doesn’t fit in your shoe? It’s too big and because of the way it was created, you’re unable to trim it. Don’t worry about this one – that won’t happen.   The Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles has a deep heel cup, which is a sign of an excellent made insole. A deep heel cup lines up the foot so you can walk in a straight line, even if you tend to overpronate when you walk, or oversupinate your feet. You may not even know that you’re doing these actions; this is why it’s important to have a professional evaluate your gait.   Whether you have a low arch, high arch or medium arch, this DMP insole will still work for you. To this type of insole, you may also have to add a heel lift if you have a leg length discrepancy. A leg length discrepancy is where one leg is longer than the other leg. This can happen because someone is born with one leg shorter than the other.   It can also happen because of muscle imbalances. When some muscles that elevate the hip contract, the leg will appear shorter. When muscles contract, they should also relax. However, if there is no relaxation phase and the muscle stays tight, then the leg that’s pulled up stays up and the hip stays elevated. The leg is then short. Of course, this can be reversed but it takes the right type of exercises for the right amount of time to balance out the muscles. Heel lifts are available at TheInsoleStore.com, just like the Superfeet Copper insoles are.   The DMP insole won’t help you undo the tight muscles, but it will at least help you align your foot during the walking process.   The DMP insole is only one of many Superfeet insoles and orthotics created for those who have feet that need support or who have tired feet.  Find out more at TheInsoleStore.com
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