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Make Special Occasions More Comfortable with Dress Insoles

  Knock Knock. It’s Foot Pain. Dressing up for a special occasion can be one of the most uncomfortable things you face,  all because of your shoes. Let’s face it, dress shoes are not very comfortable. The idea behind dress shoes is that you only wear them for a short period of time.  Shoe  designers do not expect […]

Love the heel lifts!

“My husband recently had hip replacement. His other hip is also bad so now one leg is 1/2 inch shorter. This is a problem. Since he will more than likely have the other hip replaced we tried the heel lifts rather than have his shoes redone ( which is costly). We are super pleased with […]

Children with Sever’s Disease Can Reduce Heel Pain. Here’s How

What is Sever’s Disease? What can you do about it? According to Sever’s Disease or Calcaneal Apophysitis is a bone condition that is product of inflammation of the growth plate in the heel of the foot that typically occurs between 8 and 14 years old. The pain of Sever’s Disease stems from the heel […]

Hockey & Skate Insoles Should Have Shock Absorption

If you take look at professional athletes all around the world they are all wearing professionally made insoles in their athletic shoes. Both hockey players and ice skaters are known for wearing specially designed insoles in order to perform at optimum levels. Companies such as Superfeet, Pedag, Sole, CurrexSole and Spenco are all dedicated to […]