Sof Sole Arch Performance May Be Your Best Orthotics for High Arches

Primary keyword: orthotics for high arches Secondary keyword: Sof Sole Arch Performance   If you’re looking for orthotics for high arches, you are one of the smart ones. Many people who have high arches think that since their feet aren’t flat, they don’t need any orthotics of any kind. They couldn’t be more wrong!   Because a foot with a high arch is in an unnatural position anatomically, there will be areas of stress in that foot that a foot with a normal arch or a low arch will ever have.   You probably have noticed that if you are standing on your feet for many hours of the day, your feet feel fatigued and tire you out long before the end of the day. This is because of the abnormal areas of stress found in the foot when you have a high arch.   The answer is of course orthotics for high arches. These orthotics will support your foot in the places in the foot where the abnormal stresses are. For example, orthotics for high arches will have a higher than usual arch support. They have to because your arch is higher than the normal arch. So to support them, they’ll look visibly higher than regular arch supports in orthotics. Full Story