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What Is The Difference Between Superfeet Black, Blue, and Green Insoles?


This is one of the most common questions from both new and existing Superfeet customers of   The Superfeet Green, Blue, and Black Premium Insoles are the 3 basic platforms of the Superfeet Premium Insoles line-up of which all the other colors are built on (with exception of the Carbon Insoles). Basically the three […]

Will Custom-Moldable Insoles Worsen My Foot Condition?

For those who wonder if Custom-Moldable Insoles will worsen a foot condition, the common answer is No.   Most people associate custom insoles with a rigid orthotic (or hard) arch support one gets custom made for $200-400 from a doctors office.  While the Over-the-Counter Market offers both wear moldable and heat moldable insoles for the […]

How Do I Clean My Insoles?

Is it time to wash those dirty insoles of yours but you aren’t sure how? Cleaning and maintaining insoles is actually a very simple task. For best results, wash your insoles with lukewarm water and a mild detergent or soap. Avoid silicone-based cleaning products that could result in damage to your insoles. For hard to remove […]