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Relieving Hot Feet And Sweaty Feet Caused By Neuroma

When someone experiences hot feet and sweaty feet, there’s definitely something wrong. Any sensation of fire, burning, coldness, tingling or the feeling of ants crawling on any part of the body is a characteristic of one major problem. Do you know what that problem is? These sensations – especially hot feet are a characteristic associated […]

PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles: Review of the Podiatrist’s Orthotic

At The Insole we take a lot of customer calls seeking insoles for plantar fasciitis.   Typically we find that our customers have educated themselves via our own foot-care articles or other information out on the internet.     One of our most popular insoles for plantar fasciitis, over-pronation, and collapsed foot arches is the […]

Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis: Start the Healing

If you talk to a lot of doctors about plantar fasciitis, there’s really no overnight ‘cure’. But yet, every one of them will include the same treatment in their protocol for the disorder:  insoles for plantar fasciitis. Orthotic Arch Supports (otherwise known as Shoe Insoles) are like a crutch that can ‘hold up’ the foot […]

Golf Insoles: The Missing Part of Your Golf Training

Excited about the upcoming golf season? Have you dusted off your golf clubs yet? Purchased some new golf balls and tees? Does your wardrobe for golfing need to be updated? All these things are important but you may be overlooking the most important part of all – your golf shoes and what’s inside them, which […]