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Shin Splints: Cause, Prevention & Treatment with the use of Insoles

Shin splints (or Tibial Stress Syndrome) are a common leg pain or condition that athletes, dancers, and runners incur; however, it’s more of a symptom of an underlying problem. Typically, the pain is associated with the lower part of the leg between the ankle and the knee towards the shin bone.   Shin splints will often […]

Shoe Insoles for the Minimalist & Tight-Fitting Shoe Runner

There has been alot of talk about ‘barefoot running’ and ‘minimalist running’ shoes in the running and jogging communities. Everyone has their opinion as to what is proper form and function of the mechanics of how one’s foot and skeletal structure is built to run and what level of support, cushion, and protection a foot […]

Sof Sole Fit Insoles Review – Are Insoles For Me?

Some time ago I got an email from the Sof Sole Performance Insoles. They are makers of quality insoles and some of other related items. They asked if I would like to try a pair of their new Fit insoles and do a review for my blog. I was curious about them and said go […]

Feet Sore From Working All Day – Try The Spenco Heavy Duty Insoles

One’s feet can take alot of stress and shock during the day; especially for those that work or stand on their feet all day.  Achy feet, sore arches, ankles, and knees can cause fatigue and pain that lasts throughout the day and night. Often one might wear thick soled shoes or work boots; unfortunately, they […]

Heel Spurs -The Effect of Plantar Fasciitis

  Heel Spurs are often an abnormal growth of calcium on the underside of the largest bone of the foot -the heel.  There are times that the term heel spur and plantar faciitis are often confused.  While related they are not the same.   Typically men and women with plantar faciitis develop bone hooks that are […]