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Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles Review -A Superior Cushion Insole

Sof Sole Performance Insoles by Impluse has a unique line-up of shoe insoles & inserts with many unique characteristics not seen elsewhere in the insoles market.  One of their patented technologies is the Airr Chamber.  So when the time came to wear a new pair of shoe insoles, I grabbed the Sof Sole Airr Performance […]

What Is A Bunion, Mom?

by Dr. Donna Schwontkowski (ret. D.C.) Teenage girls and women who are self-conscious about their feet may be hiding them for a good reason: bunions. If you start hearing questions from the teenager in your life such as “what is a bunion?”, it is smart to start investigating the matter with the podiatrist. Bunions can […]

Wool Shoe Insoles Review -The Superfeet WoolyWHITE Premium Insoles

You know that moment when you find that right product that fits perfectly with your lifestyle, sports activity, or hobby -as if you’d always wondered were it was before? The Superfeet Wooly White Premium Insoles are the insoles that fit perfectly with my lifestyle. Anyone that enjoys wearing casual or dress shoes with a light […]