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The Advantages of Sole Custom Insoles

No two feet are the same which means that no off-the-shelf foot care product can fit everyone the same unless it is a type that can be customized to the exact size and shape of each individual foot.  Generic foot care products cannot give the same level of prevention for foot ailments nor the same […]

The New Spenco Polysorb Earthbound Insoles

The New Spenco POLYSORB EARTHBOUND Spenco Polysorb Earthbound Insoles deliver.  Specifically designed for hiking, walking, running and other sports where shock absorption and arch and heel support are key,  One customer wrote, “They’re supportive, and my feet felt better at the end of a long day than in the insoles that came with my boots. […]

Sever’s Disease: A Common Cause of Heel Pain

What is Sever’s disease? Sever’s disease occurs in children when the growing part of the heel is injured. This growing part is called the growth plate. The foot is one of the first body parts to grow to full size. This usually occurs in early puberty. During this time, bones often grow faster than muscles […]

Poor Foot Alignment Can Cause Knee Pain

Knee pain can have many different causes, such as injury, arthritis, ligament or cartilage tear, patellar tendonitis, bursitis or due to incorrectly aligned feet. You might notice pain that worsens from kneeling, squatting, bending and/or rising after long periods of sitting.

The Importance Of Foot Orthotics

Many people suffer from foot pain at some point in their life.  In fact, a recent American Podiatric Medical Association poll discovered that half of all working Americans have missed at least one day of work due to a foot problem.  When you consider how important our feet are and the complexity of the foot, […]