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Heel Spurs -The Effect of Plantar Fasciitis

  Heel Spurs are often an abnormal growth of calcium on the underside of the largest bone of the foot -the heel.  There are times that the term heel spur and plantar faciitis are often confused.  While related they are not the same.   Typically men and women with plantar faciitis develop bone hooks that are […]

Sof Sole FIT Insoles Review -Running through the Heat

Once a year, we attempt to take the kids to the beach to just relax and get away from day-to-day life.   On our trip this year, I wore the Sof Sol FIT Performance Insoles in my tennis shoes and brought my favorite Spenco Orthotic Total Support Sandals (that you will find me wearing around the […]

Sensitive Feet Shoe Insoles & Meeting Your Footcare Needs…

  I took a phone call the other day from Laura in Calgary, Canada. She had read a foot-care article the other day in her local newspaper and wanted my thoughts on a particular shoe insole that was recommended. I asked her what was the purpose of the insole? Laura stated that she actually was […]

The Best Shoe Insoles & Treatment of Morton’s Neuroma

I took a phone call from a runner the other day whom described a shooting pain right behind his 3rd & 4th toes after running a good 10+ miles. Not being a doctor, I advised him to seek proper medical advice; however,  the foot pain condition sounded like Morton’s Neuroma.  Along with assessing his shoes,  […]