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Shoe Insoles: What You Should Know

The term “shoe insoles” refers to arch supports, inserts and orthotics that are placed into the shoe to correct a person’s walk while providing pain relief too. When you purchase a pair of shoes, they normally come with a pair of insoles. However, often the normal insoles won’t be good enough for a person’s feet. […]

Relieving Hot Feet And Sweaty Feet Caused By Neuroma

When someone experiences hot feet and sweaty feet, there’s definitely something wrong. Any sensation of fire, burning, coldness, tingling or the feeling of ants crawling on any part of the body is a characteristic of one major problem. Do you know what that problem is? These sensations – especially hot feet are a characteristic associated […]

PowerStep Pinnacle Insoles: Review of the Podiatrist’s Orthotic

At The Insole we take a lot of customer calls seeking insoles for plantar fasciitis.   Typically we find that our customers have educated themselves via our own foot-care articles or other information out on the internet.     One of our most popular insoles for plantar fasciitis, over-pronation, and collapsed foot arches is the […]