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The Best Shoe Insoles & Treatment of Morton’s Neuroma

I took a phone call from a runner the other day whom described a shooting pain right behind his 3rd & 4th toes after running a good 10+ miles. Not being a doctor, I advised him to seek proper medical advice; however,  the foot pain condition sounded like Morton’s Neuroma.  Along with assessing his shoes,  […]

Arch Pain-Strain on the Foot & A Proper Orthotic Arch Support Insole

Nothing is worse then the feeling of pain right on the arch of your foot. Some people go through daily life living with the never ending dull to moderate pain; unless it becomes unbearable.   Often arch pain (also referred to as arch strain) is best described as an inflammation and/or burning sensation at the arch […]

Diabetes -Proper Foot-Care & Prevention

Diabetes is a very common disease; however, if left unchecked can become life threatening.  Every individual requires unique care that should include the support of a doctor, support groups, and/or families in properly accessing and making healthy lifestyle choices in order to minimize its adverse affects.   We encourage people with diabetes and their families to learn as much as possible […]