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The “NEW”Spenco Polysorb Walker Runner Insoles

The Spenco Polysorb Walker Runner Insoles have been one of our best sellers.  The Insole was very close to the Polysorb Cross Trainer Insoles with the only difference being the thickness of the forefoot cushioning.  The Walker Runners were slightly thinner to allow extra toe room. But now, the Walker Runners have been completely revamped.  […]

Sof Sole Massaging Gel Insoles

Every now and then something special comes along.  Something so remarkable that people take notice.  Something that can change the status quo.  The new Sof Sole Massaging Gel Insoles are that something and they are now available and they are making a big splash. With over 100 cushioning cells, the Sof Sole Massaging Gel Comfort […]

Insoles Make My Shoes Too Tight. What Can I Do?

Generally, Insoles take up a little more room in your shoes than the standard factory insoles that come with the shoes.  This is because the replacement Insoles have more cushioning, more arch support and provide benefits such as deep heel cups, metatarsal pads, and forefoot cushioning. The tradeoff is, they are thicker which means they […]

Morton’s Toe – Symptoms and Treatment

Morton’s Toe is defined as second toe is longer than your big toe. This condition may seem inconsequential but it can put extreme pressure at the back of the second toe on the the ball of the foot area. Metatarsalgia can develop from Morton’s Toe as undue pressure can result in extreme pain. Additionally, foot […]

Heel Pain – Symptoms and Treatment

Heel pain is most often occurs doing regular everyday activities. Heel pain can develop despite no increase in activity levels or because the sufferer began an unusual new routine. Of course, heel pain can be the result of over-exercising or due to something new in our daily routine.