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New Balance Motion Control Insoles Review: Cushioned Shoe Insert Support

Cushion Insoles come in many styles consisting of foam, gel, and even air chambers.  Every insole manufacturer has a different trademark style that delineates their insoles from the pack.  New Balance Insoles for athletic, casual, and dress shoes specific trademark is the New Balance version of a raised metatarsal pad. The New Balance Motion Control Insoles are a cushion insole […]

Superfeet merinoGREY Insoles: An Ideal Orthotic for High Arched Feet

Superfeet Insoles has come out with a new Merino Wool Orthotic Arch Support Insole known as the Superfeet MerinoGREY Insoles.    The Merino Grey Superfeet Insoles are ideal arch supports for those seeking a neutral to high arch insole. Those familiar with Superfeet Orthotics remember that last year the WoolyWHITE Insoles were introduced to the […]