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What Is A Stress Fracture?

If you’ve been asking the question what is a stress fracture for a little while, you’ll find your answer here.  What is a Stress Fracture? The easiest way to answer the question, what is a stress fracture, is to think about what happens to a new army recruit. Suddenly, the new recruit is getting a […]

Spenco Earthbound Insoles Review: Great Cushioned Insole with Arch Support

At the Insole, we take many calls from customers seeking a good cushioned insole that offers superior arch support for heavy duty needs such as hiking, military boots, and/or increased foot support.   The Spenco Polysorb Earthbound Insoles are often misjudged until worn as these Earthbound Insoles offer supperior support & cushion. Prior to […]

Plantar Fasciitis Relief: What You Should And Shouldn’t Do

Sam’s plantar fasciitis caused him so much pain that he needed airport personnel to drive him to his gate before departure. The pain first started one morning as he rose out of bed to go take a shower. Just stepping down on his foot from the bed caused shooting pain under the sole of his […]

Spenco Polysorb FLOW-Warm Insoles Review

Looks can be deceiving at times and I certainly misjudged the look of the Spenco FLOW-Warm Insoles.  I had assumed from photos and a quick outward appearance from the box, that these warm insoles were larger, big, and bulky cushioned insoles.  Boy -had I made a mistake with that judgement. The Spenco Polysorb FLOW-Warm Insoles are a […]