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Pain associated with the middle toes of the foot is most likely Metatarsalgia.  This painful foot disorder results in swelling and inflammation of the joints and bones making up the ball of the foot area. Other symptoms can include sharp pain behind the toes in the ball of foot area. Pain increases with any activity […]


We have all seen the advertisements about Gel Insoles.  The inferred message that wearing Gel Insoles will give you a feeling that you are walking on a cloud.  Great advertisement. It promotes the fact that  something can offer protection and relief against tired, sore feet.  Gel absorbs energy, Gel absorbs shock. So why not Gel […]

Sof Sole Airr Chamber Technology Insoles

Approximately a year or so ago, Sof Sole introduced something new in the Insole world.  A technological breakthrough in cushioning comfort. Using air chamber technology, the Sof Sole Airr Performance Insoles were offered for supreme cushioning comfort in a way never before experienced. Using encapsulated air chambers in the heel and arch, the Airr Insoles […]

Shoe Insoles For Kids

Children can have foot discomfort too. Foot problems are not exclusive to teens and adults. Most of the foot disorders that affect adults can also effect kids and some disorders are exclusive for kids. Ailments such as Severs disease effect only kids. Taking care of your children’s feet at the beginning of their life can […]

Spenco Insoles – Pamper Your Feet

There are many good reasons why people wear Shoe Insoles. Some need the cushioning, others look for the support offered with Orthotic Arch Supports while others want both cushioning and arch support. Athletes use them because they have been proven to enhance performance. Weekend warriors wear them because it allows exercise without the discomfort of […]