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What are the Best Shoe Inserts for Men?

Men, looking for the right pair of inserts? The criteria for finding the best shoe inserts for men is very different than it is for women.   Well, somewhat different. The main difference between selecting shoe inserts for men and selecting those for women is related to heel size. Women typically wear higher heels than […]

Choosing the Best Running Insoles

Choosing the best running insoles starts with looking at your running shoes right now. Examine them closely to determine the wearing pattern.     When you walk or run, your feet could be oversupinating or overpronating. Look on the inside part of your shoe (the medial side). Is it wearing more than the outside? If […]

6 Ways to Provide Metatarsal Support and Get Out of Pain

Why might you need to consider metatarsal support? For any of these reasons: -You have Morton’s Neuroma. -You have been diagnosed with Sesamoiditis. -Your doctor called your condition Metatarsalgia. -You have pain in your forefoot when you are standing during the day. -You have loved wearing high heels for far too long and the ball […]

Inserts for High Heels: Great for a Special Comfort

Sometimes the best way to learn is by having fun. Ready to have fun learning about the different types of inserts for high heels? Below are a few different types of heel inserts for high heels. 1. Apara Gel Arch Appeal The Apara Gel Arch Appeal provides discreet Gel Cushioning for Arch Relief in any shoe. […]