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What are Gel Shoe Inserts?

  Gel Shoe Inserts are removable shoe inserts composed of gel in specific areas of the insert. The gel is used as a form of cushioning designed to absorb shock and create a smoother walk for each individual. The gel helps to reduce the harsh impact the ground has on the heel, arch and entire […]

Spending Too Much on Running Shoes?

Running shoes can certainly run up a bill that exceeds your shoe budget. You may rationalize the purchase by thinking that a well-made shoe is vital for when your feet are out pounding on that pavement. Instead, look for the right pair of insoles that will be sure to protect your feet, as well as […]

Why Select New Balance Insoles for Your Shoes?

New Balance, like other companies that manufacture running shoes, insoles and orthotics, has a reputation to stand behind. If you buy any New Balance orthotic or insoles, you can expect that they will be OVC-free and latex-free. That’s exceptionally good news for those who are sensitive to chemicals and latex. Did you know that latex-free […]