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Orthotics for Minimalist Runners

20% to 80% of runners will experience injuries every year, with most of them in the knee. The primary risk factors for developing injuries were a history of previous injuries in male runners. Surprisingly to some, if the training distance was increased each week, this helped prevent the knee injuries.

Are Arch Support Insoles Really Necessary?

Having to constantly buy and replace your arch support insoles can grow costly and get annoying. If you’re anything like me, you long for the day when you don’t have to wear or buy them ever again. You would love to have perfect feet that don’t depend on any type of special footwear. However, for many foot conditions, […]

4 Heat Moldable Insoles That Conform To Your Feet

The advantage of heat moldable insoles is that they conform to the shape of your feet. You don’t have to worry about them not providing enough support. These heat moldable insoles will have additional features in the insoles that give your feet the support they need no matter what type of shoe you are wearing […]