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The Sof Sole Line of Products


It’s good to have an idea what type of products a footwear company produces so you can select the right one for your feet. Otherwise, you are really randomly selecting products and your results with them could be hit or miss.   Interestingly, some people can get away with selecting insoles or orthotics without a […]

Soccer Insoles for Cleats in Cushion and Orthotic Support

Alot of stress and strain is created on the foot during extreme sports.  Soccer players typically face a thin shoe’d cleat were they can feel the shock of the spikes hitting the ground and maintain no arch support nor shock absorption.  Soccer Insoles can add not only additional cushioned shock absorption but a proper orthotic […]

Three Steps to Find the Right Arch Insoles


Let’s say you already recognized the fact that you need arch insoles. Perhaps you were examining your shoes one day and saw how worn they are and realize it’s time for new insoles, and you know you feel better when you wear arch insoles. Or maybe you were on the job and heard a discussion […]