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Why People Need Heel Cups and What To Get

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Advantages of Using Heel Cups Why would you want to consider heel cups for your shoes? Actually- there are several reasons to. 1. Heel cups offer pain relief to sore and sensitive heels. 2. Heel cups reduce foot fatigue. 3. Heel cups keep your heel properly aligned when you walk, thus preventing the development of […]

How To Care For Your Spenco Insoles

Caring for your Spenco insoles is extremely easy. Mostly it includes keeping them clean and dry. But if your Spenco Insoles become wet or dirty, follow the following directions to save them from permanent damage. Spenco gives these directions as guidelines, please refer to specific insole directions for specific types of insoles.

The Superfeet Company History – Since 1982


It wasn’t until 1982 when an engineering-minded man named Johnny Walker translated the Superfeet designs into a distinct shape that could be mass-produced. And by 1985, the company was established with a storefront in Canada (one in Vancouver and one in Whistler, B.C.) where they sold their SUperfeet insoles and orthotics. Their customers at that […]

What Shoe Inserts Do You Need If You Have Diabetes?


    Diabetics have a completely different type of foot than those who don’t have the disease. Diabetics feet are prone to have skin breakdown and can develop blisters or lesions that they don’t even notice or feel. They may have peripheral neuropathy which decreases the amount of feeling in the feet. Diabetics may also […]

The Best Insoles Depend on Your Foot and Your Needs

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It’s a well-known fact now that if you replace your shoe insoles with the best fitting insoles for your feet, you’ll be less prone to develop foot problems. The best insoles ensure that your feet are totally supported and that there’s little chance your foot alignment will deviate from normal when walking. When your feet […]