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Inserts for High Heels: Great for a Special Comfort

Sometimes the best way to learn is by having fun. Ready to have fun learning about the different types of inserts for high heels? Below are a few different types of heel inserts for high heels. 1. Apara Gel Arch Appeal The Apara Gel Arch Appeal provides discreet Gel Cushioning for Arch Relief in any shoe. […]

Do You Have Ball of Foot Pain? Here’s What to Do About It

If you have ball of foot pain, then the last thing you want to do is park far away from the entrance of any store. You’ll feel justified sitting in your car waiting for someone – anyone – to give you their best parking space. You most likely have even tried sneaking into a handicapped parking spot once or twice to avoid that pain found in your every step.

The ball of your foot plays an important role in walking. First, your heel touches the ground, followed by your mid-foot and the ball of foot area. Lastly, your toes will reach the ground. For those of you who wear high heels or other high-arch shoes, you should understand the importance of taking care of and having the correct support for the ball of your foot. When wearing shoes such as high heels, you’ll notice that the ball of your foot can feel as if it’s being “smashed” into the ground with all of your body weight pressing down on top of it.

When this happens, the toes are forced to spread apart more than a normal amount. The delicate nerves in between the toes can become exposed, feeling as if they are being trampled, and they will cry out in pain. They’re pleading you to stop, stop, stop this abuse!

Time to Choose Your Best Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

Are you newly diagnosed with plantar fasciitis? If so there are some basic facts you should know. 1. Plantar fasciitis generally doesn’t happen to people whose feet are totally supported. The words “total support” means arch support, metatarsal support, and heel support. 2. Buying just any orthotic is not enough to support your feet if […]

What Types of Boot Inserts are Available?

At The Insole Store, you can find five different types of boot inserts: Spenco® Polysorb Earthbound Insoles These boot inserts are made from 55% recycled materials. You can find both arch support and heel support, along with a 3-pod cushioning system that absorbs shock as you take each step. The thickness at the arch is 3.5 mm […]