Boot Insoles: How Important are They To Your Feet?

Podiatrists have known for a very long time that teachers, workers in industrial positions and salespeople (who don’t wear boots or boot insoles) that stand all day long were more prone to develop varicose veins. That’s why they don’t recommend it. Standing tires out the feet and apparently interferes with the flow of the blood back to the heart.


boot insoles

boot insoles


But there’s one thing that the early researchers probably didn’t check – whether or not the people who were standing for long periods of time had foot problems or wore arch supports or orthotics.


Boots are thought to have much more support than regular shoes. If people wear boots all day long, would you expect that your feet may be better off than in regular shoes. But that’s not necessarily the case.


Boots like shoes may not be made to fit your feet. They’re manufactured so the right foot boots are the mirror image of the left foot boot. Thus, they don’t consider that maybe you have two feet that aren’t exactly alike and mirror images of each other. In fact, it’s safe to say that in most people, one foot is slightly larger than the other.


This gives us the clue that we should not only treat our two feet differently, but that we should also really scrutinize the boot insoles that come with the boot. These will also be generic, although some may have a bit of support.


Boot manufacturers can’t accommodate every known variation of foot in the world! Some have a low arch and need arch supports, others have a high arch and need different types of arch supports. Some people have bunions while others have hammertoes, corns or calluses. Others may have plantar warts or plantar fascitis.


Thus, it behooves you to spend some time getting to know your feet so you can select the best boot insoles for your boots. Of course, you’ll have to replace the original ones that come with the boot.


One type of boot insoles that may be a good selection for you is the Spenco Total Support Maxx insoles. These have a rigid arch support that will insure your longitudinal arch will be supported during your work shift. The rigid arch support is also ideal for those who weigh more than the average 150-175 pound man.

Spenco Total Suppport Maxx boot insoles

Spenco Total Suppport Maxx boot insoles


Besides the arch support, you’ll find a type of cushioning that absorbs the shock delivered to the feet from walking plus some extra under the ball of the foot. The designers of the Spenco Total Support Max boot insoles have recommended these boot insoles for those who have been suffering from plantar fascitis as well.


The Spenco Total Support Max boot insoles also have a deep heel cup and can fit inside shoes that are naturally a little tight. You might consider getting a pair for every pair of boots you have so you don’t make the mistake of going out without your boot insoles.

For the cold winder months, consider checking out The Insole’s Warm Winter Boot Insoles too.