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How to Think About Insoles When It’s Time to Consider Them, Part 1

Let’s say you had another day that dragged on forever at the office. You come home and can barely muster up the strength to do anything with your family. You’re crabby and irritable. How can you break the cycle of this happening one more day? The answer is to think about your feet and the […]

Still Suffering from Plantar Fasciitis When You Don’t Have To?

Sof Sole Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles

It’s not your fault you have plantar fasciitis. You may have had this foot condition for quite some time now, and it’s a perplexing thing to have to go through. You do everything your medical doctor tells you to do, but still you can get no relief. You take the painkillers and they work temporarily, […]

When Your Running Insoles Outlast Your Running Shoes

Spenco Ironman Race Performance Insoles

If you’re a runner, you know that your professional running insoles can easily outlast your running shoes. The lightweight running shoes are the worst when it comes to lasting a long time; some of these will only last 200 to 300 miles. That means if you’re running 10 miles a day four days a week, […]

Men’s Slippers Your Man Will Absolutely Love As a Gift

Spenco Supreme Men's Slipper Bison Suede Sherling

Men’s slippers have changed a lot from what they used to be. In the past, slippers never had any dimension to them; they were simply nice soft material sewed together to cover the feet with very little structure to them. Now, things are a lot better if you get the right men’s slippers. You can […]