5 Hiking Insoles: How to Tell If You Need Them

Nothing beats the beauty of the landscape no matter where you go hiking. However, there’s one thing that can ruin your day when you’re out hiking – having feet that hurt. You can prevent a lot of foot pain if you start out your hiking with the right hiking insoles.

hiking insoles

hiking insoles

So first, pull out your hiking shoes and let’s examine them together. Are they worn on the bottoms of the soles? If so, it’s time to get some new ones, and even the best hiking insoles really aren’t going to be good enough. You can’t build a house on sand.

Next, take a closer look at them on the soles. Are they wearing unevenly? If they are wearing on the inside – where your medial arch is and the same side of your big toe, then this tells us a lot about how you’re walking. Basically, it’s saying that you are overpronating your feet; they’re collapsing to the inside as you walk.

This can be a big problem down the road, as it leads to plantar fasciitis where you end up with such bad pain in your feet that you can hardly bear the thought of getting out of bed in the morning. The solution is simple – add hiking insoles that prop up your arch and eliminate the fallen arch and overpronation. Technology has advanced to the point where hiking insoles will do this.

Next, look at the hiking insoles on the inside of the hiking shoes or boots. If you never replaced them and merely wore the ones that came with the shoe, that’s part of the reason why the hiking boots wore out so unevenly. Know that by adding your own replacement hiking insoles, you can customize just about any hiking boots to your feet’s delight.

Here’s one of the top hiking insoles to consider adding to your hiking boots:

Spenco Polysorb Earthbound Insoles – Less than $40

Spenco Polysorb Earthbound Insoles

Spenco Polysorb Earthbound Insoles

Some of the advantages of these hiking insoles are below:
1. Firm support with motion control to help avoid ankle sprains in case you slip on the rocks or gravel. The motion control in the Spenco Earthbound Insoles also reduces excessive pronation as well as excessive supination. Excessive supination is evidenced on the bottom of the soles of your hiking boots and finding that the wear on the outside edge of them. It essentially means you are walking on the edge of your foot.
2. Metatarsal arch support in the Spenco Earthbound insoles that helps alleviate pain in your forefoot.
3. Uses cork, nylon and recycled materials in the composition.
4. One year unconditional guarantee for all Spenco Earthbound insoles.
5. Accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which means that it is going to help alleviate the pain of several different foot conditions.

Hiking insoles help you walk straight and give you a solid foundation to walk on. This is one of the most important things you need when hiking. Find out the difference by adding a pair of hiking insoles to your hiking boots today.