Pain Relief with Heel Spur Inserts
Heel spur inserts could be the answer to your foot pain, but how do you know if you have heel spurs? For some, the pain caused by heel spurs is sharp and excruciating, but for many others there might be no pain at all. For those with heel pain however, you might agree sometimes that it feels as if you are being stabbed in the back of the foot. In other circumstances, the heel spur can occur along with plantar fasciitis, causing an inflammation of the sole of the foot connecting to the heel. This inflammation of the plantar fascia may lead to pain in the arch of your foot. Full Story
Birkenstock Insoles for Narrow Feet
If you have narrow feet, consider yourself very lucky. Unlike those with wide feet, you don’t have as much trouble finding and fitting into most shoes. On the other side, it can be very difficult to find a pair of insoles for your shoes. Most insole and shoe manufacturers don't design insoles specifically for those with narrow feet. Fortunately for you, Birkenstock does.  Full Story
Apara Insoles for High Heels
Sure, you know that wearing pointy shoes is one of the worst things you can do for your health… but there’s no substitute when it comes to looking well-dressed for certain types of events. The truth is that you also know that pointy shoes and high heels aren't going to be the most comfortable shoes you can wear, but sometimes it feels like you have no choice. You have tp bite the bullet and accept that your feet are going to hurt for the next couple of days. Full Story
How To Stop Foot Pain
If you have foot pain, you may have already gone to the doctor and received prescription medications. If so, ask yourself a few simple questions. Was your pain actually diagnosed with a specific foot condition? Is the foot condition a physical problem that can be solved by placing orthopedic inserts or orthopedic insoles in your shoes? Most foot conditions will respond positively to orthopedic inserts and insoles. Full Story