Understanding CurrexSole Footdisc Orthotics
The Footdisc insoles were developed by the CurrexSole Company. The name ‘Currex’ actually comes from the words 'currere' meaning run and 'rex' meaning king. To be the running king, the CurrexSole Company believes that they must have the best analysis systems to evaluate gait during running. However, their name in the industry is known for their Foot Analysis System where an anyone can go into an athletic shoe store, professionally determine their arch type, analyze their gait, and professionally determine what insole is best for them. Full Story
Best Insoles for Military Boots
In one study, 10% of the New Zealand Army had plantar fasciitis along with other injuries caused by footwear that wasn't supporting their feet. Over three months, to have 10% of your army down with stress fractures and other injuries of the back, hip, knee, foot and ankle, is not good - especially when all this could have been prevented. Full Story
What Are Supination Insoles?
If you were told you need supination insoles, it’s because you oversupinate, or roll your foot outward, when you walk. Supination insoles are high arch insoles. You don’t consciously do this. It’s something that happens when you walk. What it means is that your foot turns to the outside – all your weight is put on the outside of your foot as you walk. In normal walking, the weight is distributed through the center of the foot. However, if you put your weight on the inside or on the outside of your foot during walking, it affects your foot and your entire body. Full Story
Overview of the Spenco Orthotic Line
The Spenco Orthotic Line is quite extensive. It’s composed of five different types of footwear support: • Spenco RX® • Spenco Kids® Insoles • Spenco Polysorb® Insoles • Spenco Gel Insoles • Spenco for Her® Insoles Full Story